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March 12 2009 5 12 /03 /March /2009 11:42

Cinderella's Big Score

Soirée Cerise, Théatre de la Flute Enchantée, Ixelles

25th January 2009

First gig in quite a while for Cinderella's Big Score. Jurgen (vocals, guitar), Valerie (drums, vocals), Bavo (bass) et Tom (lead guitar) have made the long journey from deepest Flanders (Mechelen) to present a few tracks from their new album, "Safety Belts in a Wicked World" to the crowd at Soirée Cerise.


Jurgen sounds a bit shaky to start with. It might be nerves or just a bit of rust. By the time they get to the 3rd song, Mindblow, they've warmed up and are starting to hit full flow.


Bavo’s bass lines are simple and effective, adding texture to the quieter numbers and thundering along wherever necessary. Tom’s understated Telecaster work ranges from creating delicate soundscapes, to bursts of shear raw energy, interrupted by the most beautiful melodic licks. But neither of them distracts us from what this band is really all about – great songs.


Valerie is truly masterful on the drums. Her formal posture and immaculate timing give us the impression of a school teacher in total control of a bunch of otherwise unruly kids. Dedicated to keeping the class in proper order and helping them to develop to their full potential without putting a hair out of place. She has a very real and unique stage presence.


Jurgen has warmed up by now. His Stratocaster adds texture and depth to the work, but is merely a servant to the needs of the song. “Magic Van is about a tourbus”. “Miles and miles to travel – don’t know where we’re going”. Nor do we, but by now we’re all enjoying the journey. And as we go along, the ride’s only getting better.


A subtle video with old images of moon walking and rocket tests intersparced with a few carefully chosen lyrics adorns the back wall, not that we’re taking much notice of it – that’s not where the action is.


“This one is called Wish – you’ll find a video on Youtube and our Myspace site” says Jurgen. Gentle chimes of guitars. “Come, lay your head by my side, worried girl; Step into the light, make a wish, let it swirl”. Valerie’s gentle voice sparks up in the background. And the tempo speeds up. And the noise rises. And we’re off on a journey of noise and swirls into the wish and the worries, only to come back down to earth again with the confidence and reassurance of putting your head on a loved one’s shoulder.


We were also treated to Sonic Radar, White Velvet, Johnny Towns, 7 Wonders, the awesome Tangerine, and more. It’s getting late. Time to go home. No way says the crowd. No way says Fred la Cerise. We want more. And off we go again. Jurgen by now bouncing around La Flute Enchantée like a punk on a pogostick, Valerie shooting out bursts of energy in the drums. It’s on the set-list as “nieuw”, so despite having known each other for 12 years, there’s still plenty of good tunes yet to come.


This is one very tight, very refined, very intense rock band, but at no point in the proceeding are you left in any doubt as to who the star is – it’s the songs.


Fortunately, we’re going to be seeing more of CBS – someone from the D.N.A. was discussing a date with them on the way out, and that’s now been confirmed for the 16th of April.

Don't miss it!


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Jez 03/12/2009 12:05

And if you're wondering why this review is so positive, this is simply the second best gig I've seen in the past 2 years, only surpassed by Elbow at the Ancienne Belgique last October