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October 30 2010 7 30 /10 /October /2010 23:41

Jez just had to pop along to:

Texas Trauma & Graceland – DNA – 11th September 2010


Graceland is the solo project of Brussels resident Raphael Haubourdin. With nothing more than a laptop, a couple of controllers, it’s an insane cacophony of screaming synthesis and infectious beats, coupled with songs exhorting us to save the world by watching more porn movies. Think Suicide, Foetus, Ledernaken, and other moderately extreme nutters. Maybe not to everyone’s taste, but it’s daring, original, unique. And makes me want to dance. I love it.


Texas Trauma have had a lineup change since 2009’s excellent Topgun Patsy album. Now back with DavidXXX on guitar and vocals, CZ on lead guitar & bass, and newbie Guust van Oranje on drums. The tunes are a blend of goth rock, not unlike Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy, and the darker side of electro-pop a la Depeche Mode. The backing synths and some drum parts are provided by an exceptionally well programmed Roland MC-909. Noiret’s laid back vocal work – although the accent is different, has a very Propaganda-ish charm to it. All in all, I was sufficiently well impressed to part with some hard earned cash for the Topgun Patsy CD, and I'm glad I did, because it's well pukka.


The “Postnewwave” tour offers another 10 dates to catch Texas Trauma and Graceland before the end of 2010. It covers Wallonia and a couple of French dates, most also featuring Silver Riot (whom I still have to check out).




Topgun Patsy is available from here:





P.S.: I’d been very impressed with the sound quality – not only that the band had gone to the trouble of getting the sound balance just right, without the guitars being turned up to 11, but Duflan Duflan had blown the PA a couple of weeks earlier, so the DNA is now sporting a spanking new and much improved sound system.


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