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June 23 2013 1 23 /06 /June /2013 14:39

70 bands over 3 days, almost all of them from Brussels.


For links, etc., please see the official line-up and presentation here.


Not time for a proper review, but there were some notable highlights. In priority order of who I'd go to see if they were all on at the same time:


We Stood Like Kings - Monumental post-rock. They've ditched the laptop and slimmed down to a trio (Guitar/Keys/Drums) since I last saw them, and they are way better for it. Far more emotional content, soaring melodies, walls of noise. Beautiful, intense, absorbing music.


Laids Comme Vous - A street band - no amplification - just 4 guys (who all sing) and a cacophony of instruments, including a washtub bass and a washerboard. Fantastic energy and humour. Crowd loved it.


Grand Larceny - 1st time out with their new singer, and she's a cracker. Pulling off Amy Winehouse's 'I'm no good', and reminding me of Sadé. And a host of other great tunes. They hung on to the crowd left over from...


Sunkie's - 2 girls singing, a piano and a cajon. Pulling off some fabulous close-harmony R&B. They brought a good, young crowd with them too. It was so nice to hear that sort of stuff stripped of all the ego and production crap, and stripped down to just great songs and great vocals. Very impressive.


Monotrol Kid - 1 guy, 1 guitar, great songs - Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Roddy Frame - lovely set.


Soldier - Mmmm. Lena Lovich? Siouxie Sioux? Rock with a bit of Alt, a bit of pop, and a lot of voice.


The Monroes - Fabrice is always a good gage of quality. It's a reflection of just how good the line-up has been tonight that he's only number 7 on the list.



In the "Other bands to see again", in no particular order:


IDEMM - Youngest band there judging by the crowd of schoolkids they brought, and despite lacking a bit in maturity, a very solid poppy performance from these young lads.


The Abelians - Brussels answer to The Doors. Complete with the voice. Just a shame I was busy running about sorting out technical issues and couldn't see more.


Eric in the Kitchen - Raw post-rock shoegaze. Sort of My Bloody Valentine for Nirvana fans. I liked very much.


One Legged Dog - I completely missed them, but the visuals looked fantastic from outside, and heard good reports.


Philaretordre - One man + guitar + loops. Lovely stuff, and again, I caught far too little of it.


Swingers - More post-rock with a harder edge. This entire stage has been a fantastic lineup for post-rock fans.


Théa and the Mugs - cause I love the stories she has to tell and she does it with such a sweet voice.

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