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October 24 2013 5 24 /10 /October /2013 17:44

Listen whilst you read:



I do like things that are recorded quick and simple without too much fuss. It sounds so live and natural. Especially when you have a great voice like Sandra’s and you can write songs like the jazzy “The Day” or the mournful “night Shields”.


Oh how wonderful it is to hear a Francophone artist sing in impeccable English with lyrics that make sense. (“Space Vortex sucking my brain in…”)


Simple instrumentation – jazzy drums, stand up bass, processed Spanish guitar. There’s a very Portuguese / Brazilian vibe through “Transat”, “What If I” almost Cardiacs like in the energy and rhythm. Generally it makes me think of Carmel with a Latin/Jazz twist and just a touch of Brussels surrealism.


Sandra and Dany (the guitarist) are one of the most infectiously enthusiastic acts going on the Brussels scene. Now with a proper band an great original material. Must get out and see that.



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March 16 2010 3 16 /03 /March /2010 22:44

Cecilia::eyes - Here dead we lie


Last Post Rock


2007’s Mountain Tops are Sometimes Closer to the Moon was always going to be one hell of a tough record to follow. 3 years on, and Cecilia::Eyes have been on a trip through the battlefields and conflict zones of the world in search of inspiration for Here Dead we Lie. They’ve picked up a new member on the way, but the most striking difference is better drum & cymbal sounds and a good deal of piano work. Oh! And it starts with vocal samples.


If the stormingCE-CD.jpg 2 opening tracks weren’t enough, a reading of Wilfred Owen’s “Anthem for Doomed Youth” clearly sets the anti-war theme for the album. “Fifty years under the tent”, a reference to the plight of Palestinian refugees, is simply stunning.


The guitars owe more to Dreampop or Shoegaze than to more established “instrumental” music. The composition more Harold Budd or Enrico Morricone than to the improvised ramblings of Godspeed You Black Emperor, but I really must conform to the journalistic ritual of irritating the hell out of the band and pigeonholing them into a Post-Rock genre. Nothing else quite seems to fit.


It takes time to listen to this album. At an average song length just under 7 (yes, seven) minutes, it's not something you're going to hear on the radio and get a sudden crush on. It's something you have to take home and savor. Like good chocolate, bite it and it's wasted. It needs time to melt on the tong - for that long lingering sensation, that private moment of pleasure. And the repetition is hypnotic - you can listen to the themes time and time again, just like a Buddhist mantra.



This is an album of soundscapes, of space for reflection, of soaring guitars, of despair and emotion, of passionate drumming. A worthy follow-up from this band that deserves recognition way beyond the frontiers of our small country.


And if you're quick, you'll get the limited edition box thing with lots of nice postcard inlays in it.

Some previews here:




Buy it here:


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Published by Jez - in CD reviews
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